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Updated Data Release for Lancaster County

On April 26, 2022, the Center for Workforce Information and Analysis released local area data for period ending March 2022. Lancaster County ranks 3rd lowest metropolitan statistical area for unemployment rate, dropping .2% over the month to 3.6%, bringing us back in line with pre-pandemic unemployment levels. 600 people moved from the sidelines to active work and an additional 100 workers joined the labor force, bringing our seasonally adjusted labor force participation to 284,200.

Over the month, seven of the ten industry supersectors increased. Mining, logging, & construction, manufacturing, and education and health services all added 300 jobs in March. Over the year, nine of the ten supersectors added jobs with the largest increase in trade, transportation & utilities (+2,900).

For more information, view the Workforce Information News Release and the Civilian Labor Force Packet for March 2022. To view the most up-to-date demographics, wage, and unemployment information, view the April 2022 Lancaster County Profile.