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Edge Factor Summer Camp Experience

With summer vacation in full swing, many are wondering if there is a safe and affordable way to offer engaging Summer Camp activities. As we enter a second summer of COVID-19 many communities have different ...

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Edge Factor Summer Camp Day 1: Science

Discover how Science comes to life in the air transportation industry! It’s a bird.. No, it's a plane! Buckle up as we take to the skies and discover how thrust, lift, drag and gravity all ...

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Edge Factor Summer Camp Day 3: Engineering

STOP! Take a look around. Your house, the neighbour’s garage or your community's playground were all constructed or built. A team of engineers worked together to ensure the build was designed to meet specific requirements. ...

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Edge Factor Summer Camp Day 4: Art

It’s a bird! It’s a plain! Nooo it's the @EdgeFactorShow tour bus! Edge Factor’s graphic design team worked together to plan and design the bus, thinking through every square inch. Making sure it represented the ...

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Edge Factor Summer Camp Day 5: Math

I scream! You scream! We all scream for ice cream! Today’s Edge Factor STEAM Challenge is to make your very own ice cream. Remember measurement ensures delicious and consistent results. Simply follow the steps outlined ...

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