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LCWDB Launches new website

A new look and a whole new way to navigate and utilize solutions, data and opportunities crucial to the job growth and development in Lancaster County. Recognizing the uniqueness of our community and making the connections necessary to be successful since 1981, the Lancaster County Workforce Development Board is thrilled to provide the Lancaster wide community with easily accessible information through our new website design.  

Our website has a whole new look! You can visit us at and experience our more user-friendly and easier to navigate website. With this new design, we are excited to share our network, knowledge, and resources and bring together individuals, businesses, and opportunities for Lancaster County.

We bring people together! As the leader of workforce development in Lancaster County, the LCWDB convenes multiple sectors to collaboratively solve workforce issues, connect resources, and create opportunities. Learn more about programs and initiatives such as Next Generation Industry Partnerships, Career Ready Lancaster, and how you can collaborate with us.

Data and trends? We provide the latest metrics for in-demand jobs, career pathways, high-growth sectors, and economic equality. Whether you are a community leader, job seeker or business seeking relocation, our website features the latest reports on the workforce experience throughout Lancaster City and County.

Collaboration? We thrive by recognizing the uniqueness of our community and making the connections necessary to succeed. Our Workforce Solutions are crucial to the prosperity and growth of Lancaster County. From Apprenticeships to EdgeFactor, LCWDB is continually working to offer programs designed for the uniqueness of our community.

Looking for a job? As the administrator of PACareerLink, LCWDB is a proud partner of the American Job Center Network. A one-stop service center for employment and training needs, visit PACareerLink for job-seeker services.

We would like to thank Pennant Creatives for their great work in getting our new website up and running in record time. As always, we welcome your feedback, suggestions, and comments. Feel free to email us at .